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Bob Frady

Imagine life as a professional smartass...

To know Bob is to love him. Or hate him.
Or feel completely indifferent about him.
It's your call, because Bob is way too jaded to have any perspective on your opinion.

He thinks he's smarter than just about everyone.

Add to that a hyper-sensitivity for just about anything and a clearer picture of the joy that is Bob begins to emerge. It is this combination of cynicism, pseudo-intellect, average looks and acerbic viewpoint that make the Bob Frady Comedy Experience (BFCE) come to life. Whether it's complaining about the sub-standard medical care he received as the youngest child in a family of 6, or about how his GPS system responds to his driving, or about the wonders of childbirth, you're bound to hear an opinion that you won't get just anywhere. From squeak- clean observations to ruminations that would make his sailor-dad blush, Bob brings it all.

He's not shy.

Be prepared! It's not always pretty.

But it is funny.