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Dick Spenneberg

Dick has been described as "The American Benny Hill","The Southern California version of HEE-HAW" and "The Voice of a De-Generation".

He is a regular at the La Jolla Comedy Store,a member of The National Comedy Theatre, and a Comedic Entertainer at San Diego's SeaWorld, Legoland.He has appeared on two seasons of NBC's Last Comic Standing, opened for Cheech and Chong 5 times, Dennis Miller at Humphries by the Bay, and Carrot Top at the Del Mar Fair.

Together with Darren Carter, Dick co-hosts a very popular Show called " The DICK and DARREN Comedy Podcast "

They are consistently ranked in the most popular Comedy Podcasts on ITunes and get about 30,000 downloads per episode.

Some recent guests they have had on , Erik Estrada from CHIPS, C. Thomas Howell, Nick Swardson, Frazer Smith, Kato Kalin, Johnny Sanchez from Mad TV, and Many more.

You can check out their podcast at