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Vince Harper

Now entering middle age, Vince is pursuing the dream while living the nightmare. Vince has come to the realization that things aren't working out exactly as he'd planned...

Someone stole his identity and actually raised his FICO score!

Vince is a former male stripper (that was the beginning of his comedy career) and he's traded in his g-string for a microphone cord. In the comedy world, Vince Harper brings audiences to laughter and tears with his irreverent take on life. He shares intimate thoughts that other Baby Boomers would never admit to as he examines his shortcomings and the reality of riding high on the trail of aging.

Vince is the winner of Orange County's Funniest Comedian Competition and has performed with such comedy greats as Jay Leno, Gary Shandling and George Lopez to name just a few.